Solid IT’s First Choice in Data Center and Network Power and UPS

Smart Solutions

Intelligent, integrated data center solutions optimize infrastructure efficiency and capacity.

AC Power/UPS

Uninterruptible power, power distribution, and enclosure solutions optimize data center design.

Thermal Management

A comprehensive approach to controlling heat in the data center and other mission-critical facilities.

Data Center Monitoring

Data center monitoring solutions provide full visibility into IT systems and infrastructure.

Racks and Integrated Solutions

Advanced data center racks safeguard and manage IT and networking equipment.

Surge Protection

Surge suppressor solutions support data center power to reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Data Center and Networking Services

Proactive maintenance, assessments and remote monitoring and emergency response optimize data center management.

Vertiv, formerly Emerson (NYSE:EMR), protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, healthcare, and industrial facilities.