Government Overview

Solid IT holds or is a reseller on multiple STATE and NATIONAL cooperative contracts.

The demands on government entities to make use of emerging networking technologies has never been
greater. At the same time, many have had to adapt to reductions in IT budgets and personnel. The pressure
to provide better services with fewer resources can strain IT departments to almost the breaking point.


Whether your needs revolve around Homeland Security…large-area deployments of networking
technologies, such as metropolitan wireless…or redundant solutions for critical departments, i.e police
and fire… Solid IT Networks has the experienced IT professionals to help, with current certifications in
the best secure networking solutions to ensure you get the job done right.

By combining best of-breed, secure networking solutions with a highly professional customer-oriented staff,
Solid IT is ready to meet your most demanding networking challenges… on time and on budget.

Contact us today and let Solid IT Networks exceed your expectations.