Education Overview

The challenges in today’s educational arena can be overwhelming. Requirements at the State and Federal level to measure progress drive the need for increasingly sophisticated IT solutions. K-12 and higher education institutions must provide facilities to enable, nurture, and challenge their students while at the same time providing safe and secure networks.

Exciting new technologies, including wireless, distance learning, and video conferencing increase the ability to deliver content to faculty and students alike.Solutions must be implemented that deliver, secure, manage, and control these technologies to protect our students, while simultaneously challenging this generation that is ‘native’ to IT. Of course, it requires funding to take advantage of these emerging technologies.

The needs and challenges of each institution are unique. It has become imperative that solutions be explored that will work best in each evolving and dynamic environment while being as cost effective as possible. These solutions should maximize the IT budget and, where applicable, take advantage of State and Federal funding and grant options, such as the Erate program.

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