Solid IT Wins Awards at Extreme Networks Partner Conference

Solid IT Networks – Defining Outstanding Partnership.

Orlando, FL October 2017 - Extreme Networks, now the third largest networking player, hosted its yearly Global Partner Summit.

Solid IT Networks is proud to be the one and only Wireless Specialized Partner of the Year and Partner of the year across Americas, and one of the five of the Ultimate Warriors across the globe! Solid IT Networks was honored to be granted the most number of awards. This indicates that Solid IT and Extreme Networks share the same core values and goals. It has been a partner of Extreme Networks since 2001 and has garnered top awards in previous Global Partner Summits. Solid IT Networks sees that bigger things are forthcoming!

THE TIME IS NOW – that’s the slogan of Extreme Networks' 2017 Partner Summit emphasizing on its acquisition of Avaya, Brocade, and Zebra and merging under its umbrella. Solid IT Networks will surely continue to exhibit its track record of being on top, ensuring to raise the bar!

Wireless Specialized
Partner of the Year, Americas


Partner of the Year, Americas

Ultimate Warrior